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Hi, my name is Oprah and I’m here to write about the inspiring people I have come across in my years of journalism and today I want to tell you about a very special lady that I have recently had the pleasure to meet. She lives with her recently married husband, her daughter Mali and adopted son Shay. Her beloved two dogs, Labay and Tucka and her gorgeous untamable  rescue cat, Sunny. 

You all know how inspired I get when I come across people who are actively making a difference in their lives and in others, well Elicia is no acceptation. I bring to you a beautiful love story of hope,  a definite purpose and a drive to make it all happen.  What I have had the privilege to learn about Elicia is that she has  had humble beginnings like me, grew up with lots of adversities, but had a vision to better herself as a human being. Elicia did a course in 2014 that would change the course of her life forever, It was called the Master Keys. Here is her story…..

I’m here on location  with Elicia and her husband, Jacob.  In their backyard . What a stunning home you have? ” Why thankyou”, said Elicia, ” Jacob and I have been working on it for a while now”.” We wanted to make it an oasis full of colour and textures and warmth, We wanted to make it tranquil and inviting to all those who came to visit, we want people to know that there are no barriers between anyone, and that everyone deserves the life of their choosing, as long as it is for the good of all and doesn’t hurt anyone.” Well you have certainly achieved that”.” Thanks Oprah”.

1-tropical-poolI sit down with Jacob and Elicia, Mali and Shay for a beautiful homemade organic dinner , that smells amazing and a beautiful bottle of organic white wine from Tuscany. The sun has set and the blanket of stars start to cover the night sky. I can smell the sweet smell of summer and Frangipani in the air, mixed  with lilacs and night Jasmine.

Backyard-Flower-Garden-Design-Nhsleryr-garden-designSo tell me Elicia, how did all this come about? The home, the Husband, The business, the travel, the incredible vision of health that  exudes from you, how did you do it?

Well Oprah I would be delighted to tell you if my story will help others to create their own dreams, If I can do it, anyone can, believe me.  As you know, I did a course in 2014 that completely and utterly changed my life. One thing I was asked to do was follow my Dharma, my bliss, my dreams, and write them down as if they were happening in the present moment or in the near future. I had so many dreams , so many things that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to have a man in my life. An exceptional man, that saw life the way I did, similar values, that was handsome ( to me), Christian , loved adventure and seeing the world. Helping the world wherever he could and however he could. That loved his family ,animals, people, you name it , basically a deep compassion for this world and the vision to make, and have an impact in a positive, profound  harmonic way . When I met Jacob, it was instantaneously obvious that we had finally found each other, our soul mates, our rocks, our partners in crime, we just knew that we knew. It has been an unbelievable journey ever since. We have travelled to some of my favourite places in the world, New Orleans, Canada, Tuscany, Bali. WE have gone to Africa and worked on some of the animal stations, helping and working with the African people to secure a safe environment for the Animals and security for the villagers so that there is no need for poaching .kidlion-africa-animals-free-hd-294897 elephants        






Jacob and I have become peaceful activists of giving and receiving and helping all those in need by teaching them the law of giving and receiving. Since doing the Master Keys I have  become a true activist in helping and supporting people in discovering their gifts and their true selves. So is this the course that Mark and Davene run in Hawaii? I asked ” Why yes it is’ !! Do you know them?” said Elicia, very excitedly. “I had the privilege of meeting  Mark and Davene on the island and they told me all about it”. “Wow ! This is quite extraordinary that you have spent time with Mark and Davene and now here you are talking with me Oprah about the Master Keys and how it changes people’s lives, this is no coincidence” (And I agreed with Elicia, there was definitely a message in all of this, and one I couldn’t wait to discover).

Tell me about your business Elicia?  My business? well, I absolutely love my business,  Oz Life.thK72EF358 I work with incredible like-minded  people who are all dedicated to the same out come, which is, to nurture people back into good health. It’s based on 60,000 years of Aborigine wild food nutrition, throw in some more super foods from other indigenous cultures from around the world, and you have something so unique and powerful. We get people back to feeling like they’re sixteen again, but with better judgement. The results have been nothing short of a miracle, and it’s changing people’s lives, not only with their health, but also as a business. Oz life is doing so well as a business. Everyone that works with us is flourishing and we all work together in harmony, inspiring each other, and inspiring others to love who they. We love and appreciate everyone we meet. We See them as family, unconditionally connected by the planet family called earth.  We all spend 10% of our weekly income on the charity we choose at the time. Last week it was to the humane society. “Wow, I love the sound of that Elicia, where do I get some?” ” I’ll make sure you take some home with you, for you and your family Oprah”

This incredible drink, combined with my determination to look and feel younger, so that I can keep up with everything that my heart desires, plant1 travelling the world helping and contributing wherever I can, Looking after my  beautiful family, who I love so much, inspiring others to follow their own hearts, and to be the example,’ you can be what you will to be.’ It all takes a bit of energy to keep up with myself so, I was inspired  to consistently, with bundles of enthusiasm keep myself healthy by exercising on my total gym and eating organically grown food from our garden and other farmers. I’ve lost 60kg so far.

screen-shot-2013-06-02-at-5-13-04-amThe surge of vitality that I feel every single day, the moment I wake up, til the last thing I remember before falling asleep is incredible.  I pray and share with my father every night about how grateful I am for the wonderful life that I have and it’s getting better and better. There really is so many wonderful things to do in this world Oprah. All it takes is a dream, a desire and focus. 


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