Bio: I live in Australia, in a beautiful part of the world called Rye, which is a coastal town way down the bottom of Victoria. Some famous landmarks are the twelve apostles or Phillip Island where the Penguins are. I live with my daughter, Mali, who is 13 going on 18, my 2 dogs, Labay (black Labrador) and Tucka (Japanese Spitz) and our new addition, Sunny, who is a rescue cat. Life has been full of adversity. I grew up with parents who rejected me, never giving me the time or day, I was an only child. My father left when I was a baby, leaving my mother to bring me up, which she resented. All I can remember of my mother was a look in her eyes that said everything. I grew up with my Grandmother, she was my saving grace. Unfortunately it made my existence even harder because my mother and grandfather resented me because my grandmother showered me with love. I was molested as a child by the babysitter's brother who I use to have to go to, every day after school. My mother found a man when I was 10 who abused me, and my mother never stopped him. I lived with them until I was 16, got expelled from school and was forced to leave home. I then lived where ever I could, thankfully it was never on the streets, thankfully I always had friends that helped. I was on a journey to find somewhere that I felt love and acceptance. When I was 18 I got caught up in Scientology, at first I thought I had found somewhere that felt belonging but all they wanted was to brain wash me. I have spent countless years getting involved in things, searching for a place to belong. I have spent years and years in counselling trying to get to the bottom of why I am like I am, but to no avail. I tried to fit in and become someone or something but I seemed to always be up against adversity. I ended up with a man for 15 years who was abusive ( gee I wonder why). I finally got up the courage to leave because I knew if I stayed I would not get to see my daughter grow up. I then at the age of 45 spiralled into deep depression with no family support, but, some how I had to survive for Mali. One day I was sitting on my bed after Mali had been picked up by her father to go and stay with him, I screamed out with desperation , pain and sorrow in my heart to God saying... 'Why God? I can't go on like this! If you are there, if there is a God, Please, please help me!' A week later it was revealed to me that there is a God. The most incredible things happened that could have only come from the divine. God threw his arms around me and I have been a Christian ever since, learning and discovering who I am and why I am here. I know that God or my father has lead me to Master Keys to open up my world , to connect with fellow brothers and sisters and to finally nail what my purpose is. I don't know where I'm heading and there are days that it all just seems way too much, but I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. xxxooo

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