256x256_fit_one_bestfit - Copy (32)picture for word pressAnother incredible week! I have discovered how amazing people are this week. When you shift your focus incredible people show up. I honestly had it all back the front in my mind. I have been such a victim in my world, hoping and praying that things would change, but they never did. Week six has been a massive turn around in faith, trust and belief. I must be the change! just as Gandhi said. I could never quite get there with changing myself. I’d tried everything under the sun. I had read great books, done lots of courses, retreats, lectures, healers, overnighters, so many dvd’s and cds, and on and on, but nothing has penetrated like the Master keys.

On the left is a picture of my cat, Sunny as a kitten. She was tiny, frail, frightened. She was found in the bush, all alone and unprotected, she reminded me, of me. On the right is Sunny six months later. With lots of love, care and nurture Sunny has blossomed into a mighty cat. I see myself the same way,way back then before discovering the Master keys. I was frail and fearful, alone. But now I see a different outcome, I can see how mighty I can be, I am starting to get a sense of how mighty feels, I can see it in the palm of my hand, I can taste it. And when I do start getting those old feelings back, and those old thoughts, I straight away hear Mark’s voice saying ‘poor me and my pity party’. It stops me in my tracks, thoughts that fire together, wire together. Do I want thoughts of victim to fire together? or do I want thoughts that restore my belief that I am loved and accepted? God created a masterpiece in me, why would I want to waste that? I desire to be brave and bold and be the women God created me to be, and when I start thinking this way, it flows onto thinking the same way about people. The Alliance has proven to me, there are so many beautiful people in this world and I have been given the privilege  to get to know them. Jesus%20holding%20earth

Giving and receiving has been a wonderful experience this week, so many people smiling at me, a man even came up to me today and said ” do I know you? you seem so familiar” I gave him a smile and said “Thank you” I can’t begin to tell you how profound that was for me. I have also been asking God to bring Kookaburras to my gum tree as a confirmation of my giving and receiving. I live by the sea and it’s not common to hear them much, lately though, I have been hearing them more and more, getting louder and louder, closer and closer. Kookaburras sound like they are laughing when they make noises. Knowing that they are getting closer makes me give more and receive more. The day that they come to my gum tree will be the most incredible gift of giving and receiving. I give myself permission to listen to my heart’s desires.


22 thoughts on “MASTERKEYS WEEK SIX

  1. Beautiful and uplifting! You CAN be what YOU will to be! This week has been joyous in so many ways and it was lovely to read how it has been for your. Bravo!

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  2. Hello Elicia, I was going down the blog list, looking for new blogs posts for this week and I came to yours…Beautiful words by you! Your blog looks great too!—-I’m glad that this past week has been a turning point for you! really glad you shared it with all of us…Looking forward to what you post next…

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  3. wow, that brought a smile to my face and the sound of a kookaburra to my imagination (as I’ve never heard one). I look forward to hearing that sound for real someday, meanwhile they will be in your tree very soon. xx

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  4. That was beautiful! I love the analogy about your kitty – cats are great about just being able to blossom where they are, and let go of the past. I think there are a lot of us used-to-be-victims here, taking the massive steps to realizing that we can change our lives. Congratulations!

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  5. Only just now had time to read all yout blogs. You are just blossoming and I am thrilled for you. You write so expressively and well. Thank you for sharing so generously. It is precious. Anne

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