There is so much to write about….. Where does one start? It’s been an incredible week full of ups and downs, round and rounds, lots of ahh moments and lots of ‘I don’t know how to go on’ moments. As I sit here pondering on what I’m going to post, I start to reflect on how valuable this course is, and the dedication that Mark and Davene and all their staff have to us, they are one bunch of incredible people, and it’s not just a couple of weeks dedication, it’s six months and beyond, SIX MONTHS! That in itself inspires me to become the person I was meant to be. To think that they are spending Six months on encouraging me to be the person I was created to be, just blows my mind.  Something else that blows my mind is how amazing everyone else is, that is doing the Master Keys. You are all dedicated to having the best, and being the best that you can be….. You are all so incredible, inspiring, courageous beings and I love you and applaud you.

I keep having incredible moments of bliss. Incorporating the giving and receiving cards, and living and breathing them has truly been amazing. It is so beautiful to see how people react when you smile at them, or when you are kind or when you show interest in them for no particular reason, or you give them something nice for no particular reason, there faces open up, their eyes start to sparkle and their natural response is to give back to you , and then, when you receive it with grace and gratitude, that moment is complete, it’s like a flow, just like Davene says.

Up until five weeks ago my world felt like it was shrinking, now it’s like a whole new world full of opals and rubies and diamonds and expands as far as my eyes can see …….. and…… it’s all within me.



  1. Elicia, Thank you for your kind message. It is such an honor to be on this journey with you. I, too, have had meltdowns going through this process. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share yourself. Your posts lift me up and give me hope.


  2. I agree, six months to put the work in , do the exercises and most important become the person
    I was meant to be…is but a small price to pay !
    As Mastercard puts it “Priceless!”


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