Today I am a new woman with a new life and I can be what I WILL, all I have to do is change my old habits with new habits and starve those drama filled  negative peptides that keep screaming out saying FEED ME! FEED ME! How awesome it is to know what’s going on, and that I have the ability to observe things because I have a frontal lobe, WOW! Did I get that right? These old habits must be destroyed. And if the subconscious mind is the servant to our conscious mind which is where all thought starts, and if thought is spiritual energy that is carried by the law of vibration and  is given vitality by the law of love then I’m in!!!!! I truly get what Mark is saying when he said that we can’t feel the same way when we think of a past traumatic experience, but if we think of a happy experience we can feel it straight away, like it’s happening right now and to link ‘I always keep my promises’ with happy things just automatically brings you joy. I cleaned my car as one of my ‘services’ and now every time I get into my car I feel great and proud and satisfied, my car even seems to be running better, how can that be! Things are starting to link and by doing the card and blue print and everything else on a daily basis it is interrupting the old blue print, how good is that! … My alarm went off the other morning and the first thing the radio announcer said was Failure forms bad habits! WHAT!!!!! And then another time I woke up and a voice was saying ‘that mysterious source which never sleeps’ Amazing!

There is one thing that I would like to ask you all and that is…. seeing that fear is the emotion that stops our solar plexus from shinning and that we have to eliminate all fear, how do we block it out when our world is so full of it? Our world seems so reliant on getting people to be in fear so that they are easily manipulated, whether it be Eboli or terrorists or whatever, it goes on and on. I would love to hear what you all think and how you combat it. Signing off now from what has been another incredible week, I’ve got habits to change!!!!


13 thoughts on “MASTERKEYS WEEK FOUR

  1. momentary thoughts…. on the words combat and destroy… I think that keeps us engaged with what we want to disengage from. Fear is something to move through, acknowledge (Eboli can kill) and I am going to live as healthy a life as possible. My body is strong and I am not in the vicinity of Eboli. Now what if you actually were? My goal is to proceed calmly in the face of adversity and even danger. I am not saying I can do this all that well yet, but sometimes I can. That is hopeful.

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  2. What a great post Elicia ! thanks for the summary of last week’s scientific explanations. A good reminder. O fear: what’s out there is the result. Go within, and eliminate fear… don’t block it out, eliminate it…If we all do this, the world without can really change. It is changing 🙂

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    • Hi Erwin, when you say eliminate fear, don’t block it out, could explain to me how to do that? cheers. I’m my reply to Dorothy’s comment to me, I explained about my 13 year old daughter, how could I do this with her?


  3. Great Elicia. We have a new life, eliminating fear is easier if the mind is busy with positive thoughts. And we are on a new path. with practice we can overcome. By conciously giving love and good wishes, the fear becomes smaller and eliminated

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    • Hi Dorothy, thank you so much for your feed back. my challenge is with my 13 year old daughter who is overwhelmed by fear, she comes home from school and she’s in fear, her and all her friends become fearful of things in the world, she goes to her fathers house and then she comes home with another set of fears. It feels like my little voice of reassurance isn’t loud enough to compete with these big loud fear based views of the world. I then find myself getting sucked in and all the while kicking and screaming to desire only to be positive and a role model to my daughter. I want so much for her to know that there is more to this world.


  4. Thank you for sharing this 🙂
    F.E.A.R.= False Evidence Appearing Real. When I remember that fear is just another feeling, & that a feeling isn’t a fact, the only fact being that I have a feeling which will pass, THEN slogging uphill through the mud becomes bearable.
    I think you’re moving through the fear to the hope and serenity on the other side of the storm. Keep on keeping on! You are a winner!
    I surround myself with calm healing light, it helps dispel fear when I encounter it with my patients. I also remember that Love is indeed the most powerful force in the universe.
    We’re all right where we need to be.

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  5. Elicia, I enjoyed reading your post. They say “The only thing to fear is fear itself “. You see it in the movies, watch it on the news, read it in the newspaper and our lives seem to dwell in fear and negativity and it is always haunting our lives. I do not watch all that negative stuff any more and try to bring about positive things in my life. It definitley helps with getting the positive in and eliminating negativity which gives me more time to grow and train my subconcious mind to eliminate fear and bad habits.


    • Thanks Joe, I have a 13 year old daughter who has a lot of fears about things. She goes to school and there’s lots of fearful stuff, then her friends have lots of fearful stuff, then she goes to her fathers and then comes home with more fearful stuff. I find it so challenging to help her not get caught up in all of it. In fact the other night she woke up after having a nightmare about the end of the world and now she is dealing with chronic anxiety. Not sure how to work through it.


  6. I liked this post! Especially how you wake with phrases from Mandino or the Keys ringing in your mind!
    I’m sorry your daughter’s having a tough time! Could you take her through the sitting exercises we do? Or read the Master Keys to her? If fear has been wearing pathways through her brain, can’t she retrain those pathways the same as we’re doing?

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    • Hi Ellen, Thank you for your wonderful advise, I’m working on her and she’s sort of receptive but not quite yet, our kids are soooo vunerable to so many influences, from school, to friends, to social media, to their father’s with girlfriends, everyone seems to have an (opinion!!!!!!) and little Mali’s stuck in the middle trying to work things out. Gee how interesting this week is in regards to not having an opinion stuff. My brain is hurting hee hee hee.


      • Mine, too! Still having to concentrate on questions and observations. I have noticed, though, after these five-ish days of practice, when opinions start to come out of my mouth, they have an obscurely wrong FEEL to them.
        I’m not a parent, myself, but I’m often the sounding board for my sister; she worries about her kiddos and a lot of the same things you’re talking about.
        Her name is Mali? I like the sound of it! Does her name have a meaning?


  7. Hi Ellen, Yes, It does feel very strange and obscure when you can sense an opinion coming on , I so get what you mean, but boy have you noticed how much our communication is based on opinions? it blows my mind. I am loving this task so much, it makes me think about everything I think and say. Mali has a few different meanings, in Thailand it means flower, in Aboriginal language it means spiritual tree, in Yugoslavia it means special one. xxoo


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