I can’t believe it’s week 3 already! It just seems like the other day that I was applying  for this mind blowing, mind racking, mind altering, hold onto your hats course. I’ve been reading a lot of peoples blogs, and it is fascinating how different they all are. Some people are just breezing through this, finding  new inspirations everyday, some seem shell shocked, some don’t know what to think, and there are others, like me, who are just having a hell of a time trying to get past their rigid, stubborn old blue prints.  As long as I can remember I have always been in survival mode, never have I been able to just smell the roses and just think about success and my design for my life, it’s always been , how am I going to be able to deal with this, how am I going to get through this, always behind the eight ball. Having a life of obtaining what my heart desires has never been my reality. I believe that there is something to be said about family, it creates the foundations of belonging, and being loved and accepted, and just that all knowing that they have your back. When there is no family, you find yourself searching for that place, that place where you do belong, searching for that place that you can call home, feelings of vulnerability, and exposure to other people’s agendas. Doing Master Keys for me, is about finally discovering who I am, loving who I am, and discovering what my potential is, and being proud of myself. I know it’s in there somewhere, it’s just a matter of knowing that it’s safe to let go and unravel years and years of piled on concrete, and that there is a place for me and for all those other people who can relate. And to all of those who can relate to my story, I applaud you for having the courage and the belief in yourself to know that you are worth so much more than this tired old cement mould, and that we can do this together. I know you have my back, and I have yours. Thank you to all of those who read my post, I have really enjoyed your feed back.                      hooroo for now xxxooo


7 thoughts on “WEEK 3 OF MASTER KEYS

    • Thanks Carolynn, Isn’t he just the best. I noticed that the more I just keep staring at it, the bigger my smile gets. ‘All that I desire is already within me’ I will put this on my wall to read every single day. Thank you so much xx oo


  1. Elicia,

    Unlike your comments on tonight’s digital webinar, you’re NOT alone. Even though it feels like it. You’re words stuck deeply in me, for I, too, have tons of cement I have to blast through to get to my gold, and I know it’s there, just as is yours.

    Your honesty in your blog is an inspiration to me. It helps me to be more and more open, so thank you, Elicia. You never know who you’re going to touch and how far that road may lead.


    • Hi Edward,
      Gosh, thankyou. I was so worried about getting on the webinar and sharing, I knew I just had to though, I didn’t really even know what to say but I’m so glad I did cause now I feel more connected with people. I find it hard to connect cause of the old blue print that is so full of the fear of rejection and getting it right. thanks again for your encouragement.


  2. Thanks for being on the journey Elicia! This sentence really hit me right between the eyes, “As long as I can remember I have always been in survival mode.” Wow! You’re not alone there Elicia. I just never had a name for it. Now that I know what to call it I’ll know what to focus on. Thanks for the clarity Elicia. You really seem to have a knack for that. Mahalo!


  3. Hi Elicia, I also heard your comments on the call Monday and want you to know that I agree that home is within. You are loved. Where ever you are, you are home. I have 56 years of programming to sift through and toss most of it. It really wasn’t ALL bad!! I am following your blog now and look forward to seeing you shift into the ‘real’ you that lies within. Happy to know you. Keep smiling, Nancy Holtzen


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