well here I am in week two of Master keys alliance, WHAT A WEEK! WHAT A DAY! WHAT AN HOUR!. My mind is firing and contorting in so many directions and this is all cause I had a melt down on Tuesday, yesterday. I was going along fine, my sub conscious was loving having some new things to think about, loving the new peace it was feeling and the joy that it was sensing, and the lovey fluffy sensations it was feeling, AND THEN BANG!!! I had a thought and experience on Tuesday that was from my past and I went into chaos in my mind, I was holding on for dear life, like being in a tornado and holding on to a fence or anything that will keep you from being taken by the wind , and then you can’t hold on any longer cause the wind is too strong cause you’ve set up in your mind a whole lot of new circumstances that set up a set of events that just send you down, down the rabbit hole. And then before I knew it, I was not coping with my day, it was horrible, I hated everything, I was angry at everything, I didn’t want to do anything! I even howled saying ‘ I’ll never be able to change this’ I can’t stop this negative stuff’ Oh! so sick of hearing this broken record in my head…. and then I wiped myself out so much that my illness started to appear, and then I ended up on the couch completely and utterly exhausted for the rest of the day. Farout!  how ridiculous! I guess for a moment there I started to think that I wasn’t going to make it and that the old blue print was so strong that no matter what I did, it would always revert back to the old way. I ended up emailing the wonderful Davene and she set me straight, ‘ I have to do the work, she said, just keep going and don’t look back and that I am establishing a new muscle ‘  PHEW ! she set me straight, and I get that this all part of the learning curve, there will be days that are hard and you just got to get back on that horse. I always loved that saying, I think it was Mandela who said it…… ‘That life is about the journey, not getting to the end result, something like that.   I love this picture I posted too…  it makes me laugh, it brings me joy, it makes me ponder and it shows me how amazing our world really is and there is much more to it than what meets the eye, and I love knowing that there are around 500 other people around the world who are also discovering that there is much more in this world than what meets the eye too .   Thank you my master keys family!!!


17 thoughts on “MASTER KEYS : WEEK 2

  1. What we’re doing is like a huge master cleanse of the subconscious, and of course there’ll be some side-effects, all part of the detoxing process… Our subconscious will give in at the end, we’re not going to give up, we’re not going to move an inch…Your doing great my master key sister. Peace.

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    • Hi Erwin, Thanks for your on going support. I get that there has to be a detox going on but what I’m finding is that I get overwhelmed by the amount of exercises that we have to do and then I get stressed cause I can’t keep up with it, then life gets in the way, then I try and catch up with it all and then I fall in a heap and the old print takes over and then I get stuck not knowing what to do cause there’s so much. Do you get where I’m coming from dear brother?

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      • I hear you. Same here sometimes. I easily get overwhelmed. I’m just telling myself I can’t be perfect all the time. I’m doing my best. And so are you 🙂 Keep connecting. We’ll get each other through this…

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  2. You are one of my five… some have sort of dropped out. You have definitely dropped in! Struggling with the subby is in our face. I like the way you describe it, you are really observing.

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    • Hi Jim. How are things going with you this week?
      I’d love to say that I’m smashing it but that would be way far from the truth. I would rather say it’s been really tough. I have a strong blue print of insecurity and failure( boy oh boy), and doing all the exercises takes me hours. Anyway, I’m hanging in by the skin of my teeth, literally.
      Have a great week.


  3. I am so sorry you felt so alone when your old blueprint reared its nasty head! But check it out; you reached for help within the group instead of just giving up! The changes you want are having an effect, never doubt it.

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    • Thank you for your support. How are you going this week? I’ve had another toughy, my old blue print is soooo determined to make me fail and be insecure that I have had trouble doing the exercises every day, I’ve been sick and caught up in drama and now I’m playing catch up (boy oh boy). It’s great to know that there is support and that everyone’s watching each others backs.

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    • Thank you so much. I’m not sure what I’m going to write in week 3’s blog yet. I thought last week was tough, it was a walk in the park compared to this week, hee hee hee. Really struggling to do all the exercises consistently every day, how bout you?


  4. What a wonderful thought-stream, Elecia. Actually, you put into words what I couldn’t. I, too, am counting on being a fuller and better me by doing the work. And doing the work seems to be virtually all that I’m doing right now. It WILL get better—they promise, and I believe.

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    • Hi Edward,
      Thank you for your kind words. Mark was right when he said hold on to your hats cause it’s going to be a hell of a ride! My old blue print is soooo convinced that I’m going to fail. I thought that it would be hard, but I had know idea it was going to be this hard and that my old blue print was sooo stubborn. I’m really struggling to do the exercises every day and I’m like you, it’s taking me hours to do them, I wonder why it’s taking us so long.
      I hope your week is full of break throughs and joy.

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