The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the skynever-give-up-frog
Are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
But what they’re really saying is I love you.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and for you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

So I think to myself…. do I give up cause it’s just too hard? and that I keep stumbling and doubting myself, fretting about if all this hard work will even change anything? Do I give up on myself cause I have no faith in myself, that I don’t trust myself, and while I turn myself inside out, and all the while fearing that my dreams won’t happen, I won’t get what I desire!  WAIT!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!! TURN THAT THING OFF!!!!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!! YOU’RE IN A BAD DREAM!!!! YOU CAN CHOOSE NOW!!!! ………………. PHEW!!!!!!

I have a new dream, It’s called I TRUST MYSELF !!!  and my only handicap isn’t that I CAN trust myself, it’s doubting that I can trust myself, ‘ who me? powerful?, whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious and happy?’th9UAIBIMI

So I think to myself… it’s time to change to a different fork in the road, one that brings my heart joy, love and honour. I will no longer be fooled into thinking that something external will make me secure, It’s all about the practise, ppppp, persistent Practise Produces Perfect Presentations. I will practise running to my light, I will practise presenting a new blue print to my sub conscious, I will practise working out what my authentic gifts are, I will practise progress, I will practise to keep out negative thoughts. All week I have been applying myself to the mental diet, to the point that I got myself real sick,jesus-light I shared in the Alliance and was so incredibly moved by the amount of love and support that came my way, it kept me going, it gave me the fuel I needed to work this thing out, and then it hit me ,that I needed to turn it around and instead of focusing on not being negative, I had to focus on being positive…. what a difference that has made, I changed the way I was thinking, and now I’m not negative, and when I am, I have a pack of card messages called….. ‘101 messages to cheer you up when you’re feeling down,’ the law of substitution!.ee07b7d28dae6710377734ec97786a9b

As Louis Armstrong says…. It truly is a wonderful world and it all depends on what you’re lookin at.

Lots of love, Elicia. xxoo 


 So here I was thinking ‘ I got this’. Momentum was growing, things were unfolding, good positive thoughts and feelings were firing and wiring together,…… the trap door wasn’t so big anymore,( so I thought ) until I got the flu and Mark said 7 day diet of no negativity! WHAT!! How am I going to do this? it's just a bad dayMy old, mean, rotten, cruel blue print had resurfaced in the blink of an eye, I had synapseses flying off in alsorts of directions, my old ruthless friend had found a way to come back again. The flu had made me feel weak and vunerable and susceptible to my old ways. I have been fighting myself all week, This can’t be happening.

It suddenly dawned on me that this was all part of me chipping away at my cement. Berta said…. Things will not affect me provided I do not accept them by fearing them, by believing them, being indignant or sad about them or by giving them any power at all…. Be the observer and don’t dwell. The mere mention of not having negative thoughts put me into a negative state. I needed to just surrender to the process and just let go…. then observe what happens and then observe ever so gently the things that were happening in a non judgemental way……  instead of creating world war 3.

poster-negative-thinking-afro Even though it feels like we’re  going at a thousand miles per hour, saturating our minds with alsorts of incredible stuff and hitting it from all directions,The-Laws-of-Attraction-is-this-You-dont-attract-what-you-want-You-attarct-what-YOU-ARE I have to be mindful that every day is a new experience and different obstacles are going to arise, just like the obstacle called the flu. I had a big moment of realising that I need to love myself through this, nuture myself, get to know myself through this, build the foundations so that they are rock solid with no trap doors.

A big part of my journey right now is to observe myself. I am learning to walk on my own for the first time in my life and I feel like a baby taking it’s first steps towards victory, like a baby, it takes sometime to get up, Scan0003stand and then walk. No negative thoughts for seven days has been a mighty eye opener, it has sent me in a tail spin, ( world war 3 ) BUT! I will love myself no matter what, and learn and Grow AND become the world within. One things for sure, I have God on my side and I will greet each person and each day with love in my heart. xxoolove-god-love-people



256x256_fit_one_bestfit - Copy (32)picture for word pressAnother incredible week! I have discovered how amazing people are this week. When you shift your focus incredible people show up. I honestly had it all back the front in my mind. I have been such a victim in my world, hoping and praying that things would change, but they never did. Week six has been a massive turn around in faith, trust and belief. I must be the change! just as Gandhi said. I could never quite get there with changing myself. I’d tried everything under the sun. I had read great books, done lots of courses, retreats, lectures, healers, overnighters, so many dvd’s and cds, and on and on, but nothing has penetrated like the Master keys.

On the left is a picture of my cat, Sunny as a kitten. She was tiny, frail, frightened. She was found in the bush, all alone and unprotected, she reminded me, of me. On the right is Sunny six months later. With lots of love, care and nurture Sunny has blossomed into a mighty cat. I see myself the same way,way back then before discovering the Master keys. I was frail and fearful, alone. But now I see a different outcome, I can see how mighty I can be, I am starting to get a sense of how mighty feels, I can see it in the palm of my hand, I can taste it. And when I do start getting those old feelings back, and those old thoughts, I straight away hear Mark’s voice saying ‘poor me and my pity party’. It stops me in my tracks, thoughts that fire together, wire together. Do I want thoughts of victim to fire together? or do I want thoughts that restore my belief that I am loved and accepted? God created a masterpiece in me, why would I want to waste that? I desire to be brave and bold and be the women God created me to be, and when I start thinking this way, it flows onto thinking the same way about people. The Alliance has proven to me, there are so many beautiful people in this world and I have been given the privilege  to get to know them. Jesus%20holding%20earth

Giving and receiving has been a wonderful experience this week, so many people smiling at me, a man even came up to me today and said ” do I know you? you seem so familiar” I gave him a smile and said “Thank you” I can’t begin to tell you how profound that was for me. I have also been asking God to bring Kookaburras to my gum tree as a confirmation of my giving and receiving. I live by the sea and it’s not common to hear them much, lately though, I have been hearing them more and more, getting louder and louder, closer and closer. Kookaburras sound like they are laughing when they make noises. Knowing that they are getting closer makes me give more and receive more. The day that they come to my gum tree will be the most incredible gift of giving and receiving. I give myself permission to listen to my heart’s desires.


There is so much to write about….. Where does one start? It’s been an incredible week full of ups and downs, round and rounds, lots of ahh moments and lots of ‘I don’t know how to go on’ moments. As I sit here pondering on what I’m going to post, I start to reflect on how valuable this course is, and the dedication that Mark and Davene and all their staff have to us, they are one bunch of incredible people, and it’s not just a couple of weeks dedication, it’s six months and beyond, SIX MONTHS! That in itself inspires me to become the person I was meant to be. To think that they are spending Six months on encouraging me to be the person I was created to be, just blows my mind.  Something else that blows my mind is how amazing everyone else is, that is doing the Master Keys. You are all dedicated to having the best, and being the best that you can be….. You are all so incredible, inspiring, courageous beings and I love you and applaud you.

I keep having incredible moments of bliss. Incorporating the giving and receiving cards, and living and breathing them has truly been amazing. It is so beautiful to see how people react when you smile at them, or when you are kind or when you show interest in them for no particular reason, or you give them something nice for no particular reason, there faces open up, their eyes start to sparkle and their natural response is to give back to you , and then, when you receive it with grace and gratitude, that moment is complete, it’s like a flow, just like Davene says.

Up until five weeks ago my world felt like it was shrinking, now it’s like a whole new world full of opals and rubies and diamonds and expands as far as my eyes can see …….. and…… it’s all within me.



Today I am a new woman with a new life and I can be what I WILL, all I have to do is change my old habits with new habits and starve those drama filled  negative peptides that keep screaming out saying FEED ME! FEED ME! How awesome it is to know what’s going on, and that I have the ability to observe things because I have a frontal lobe, WOW! Did I get that right? These old habits must be destroyed. And if the subconscious mind is the servant to our conscious mind which is where all thought starts, and if thought is spiritual energy that is carried by the law of vibration and  is given vitality by the law of love then I’m in!!!!! I truly get what Mark is saying when he said that we can’t feel the same way when we think of a past traumatic experience, but if we think of a happy experience we can feel it straight away, like it’s happening right now and to link ‘I always keep my promises’ with happy things just automatically brings you joy. I cleaned my car as one of my ‘services’ and now every time I get into my car I feel great and proud and satisfied, my car even seems to be running better, how can that be! Things are starting to link and by doing the card and blue print and everything else on a daily basis it is interrupting the old blue print, how good is that! … My alarm went off the other morning and the first thing the radio announcer said was Failure forms bad habits! WHAT!!!!! And then another time I woke up and a voice was saying ‘that mysterious source which never sleeps’ Amazing!

There is one thing that I would like to ask you all and that is…. seeing that fear is the emotion that stops our solar plexus from shinning and that we have to eliminate all fear, how do we block it out when our world is so full of it? Our world seems so reliant on getting people to be in fear so that they are easily manipulated, whether it be Eboli or terrorists or whatever, it goes on and on. I would love to hear what you all think and how you combat it. Signing off now from what has been another incredible week, I’ve got habits to change!!!!


I can’t believe it’s week 3 already! It just seems like the other day that I was applying  for this mind blowing, mind racking, mind altering, hold onto your hats course. I’ve been reading a lot of peoples blogs, and it is fascinating how different they all are. Some people are just breezing through this, finding  new inspirations everyday, some seem shell shocked, some don’t know what to think, and there are others, like me, who are just having a hell of a time trying to get past their rigid, stubborn old blue prints.  As long as I can remember I have always been in survival mode, never have I been able to just smell the roses and just think about success and my design for my life, it’s always been , how am I going to be able to deal with this, how am I going to get through this, always behind the eight ball. Having a life of obtaining what my heart desires has never been my reality. I believe that there is something to be said about family, it creates the foundations of belonging, and being loved and accepted, and just that all knowing that they have your back. When there is no family, you find yourself searching for that place, that place where you do belong, searching for that place that you can call home, feelings of vulnerability, and exposure to other people’s agendas. Doing Master Keys for me, is about finally discovering who I am, loving who I am, and discovering what my potential is, and being proud of myself. I know it’s in there somewhere, it’s just a matter of knowing that it’s safe to let go and unravel years and years of piled on concrete, and that there is a place for me and for all those other people who can relate. And to all of those who can relate to my story, I applaud you for having the courage and the belief in yourself to know that you are worth so much more than this tired old cement mould, and that we can do this together. I know you have my back, and I have yours. Thank you to all of those who read my post, I have really enjoyed your feed back.                      hooroo for now xxxooo


well here I am in week two of Master keys alliance, WHAT A WEEK! WHAT A DAY! WHAT AN HOUR!. My mind is firing and contorting in so many directions and this is all cause I had a melt down on Tuesday, yesterday. I was going along fine, my sub conscious was loving having some new things to think about, loving the new peace it was feeling and the joy that it was sensing, and the lovey fluffy sensations it was feeling, AND THEN BANG!!! I had a thought and experience on Tuesday that was from my past and I went into chaos in my mind, I was holding on for dear life, like being in a tornado and holding on to a fence or anything that will keep you from being taken by the wind , and then you can’t hold on any longer cause the wind is too strong cause you’ve set up in your mind a whole lot of new circumstances that set up a set of events that just send you down, down the rabbit hole. And then before I knew it, I was not coping with my day, it was horrible, I hated everything, I was angry at everything, I didn’t want to do anything! I even howled saying ‘ I’ll never be able to change this’ I can’t stop this negative stuff’ Oh! so sick of hearing this broken record in my head…. and then I wiped myself out so much that my illness started to appear, and then I ended up on the couch completely and utterly exhausted for the rest of the day. Farout!  how ridiculous! I guess for a moment there I started to think that I wasn’t going to make it and that the old blue print was so strong that no matter what I did, it would always revert back to the old way. I ended up emailing the wonderful Davene and she set me straight, ‘ I have to do the work, she said, just keep going and don’t look back and that I am establishing a new muscle ‘  PHEW ! she set me straight, and I get that this all part of the learning curve, there will be days that are hard and you just got to get back on that horse. I always loved that saying, I think it was Mandela who said it…… ‘That life is about the journey, not getting to the end result, something like that.   I love this picture I posted too…  it makes me laugh, it brings me joy, it makes me ponder and it shows me how amazing our world really is and there is much more to it than what meets the eye, and I love knowing that there are around 500 other people around the world who are also discovering that there is much more in this world than what meets the eye too .   Thank you my master keys family!!!

week 1 of Master keys

tumblr_mcu2jq7ruq1r84p84o1_500Well, It’s the second day into the master keys course and I’m discovering how important it is to breath, and just take everything in, slowly but surely. It’s all a bit too overwhelming at the moment, I guess cause there is a lot to think about all of a sudden, and there’s that silly voice in the back ground saying ‘ Have you done everything the way you’ve been told ?,  are you good enough for this? , Can you do this?’, bla bla bla ! That voice in my head just never stops and it’s mostly negative. Now knowing what I know after week one’s webinar, I know that it’s up to me, to change and be aware of what I’m thinking, 24/7. My new thoughts are, ‘I can do this! I want to do this! I am good enough to do this, and I can’t wait to know and learn more in master keys!’ But No!, says the old familiar voice, ‘ I’ve been giving you a hard time all your life, and I don’t want to change and start loving and accepting you now’. But Alas!, I can now hear a new voice in my head saying ‘I’m ready to change, and I refuse to go quietly in the night’. I can’t thank you enough for accepting my application to be apart of this ground breaking master keys, I am so so excited for what’s yet to come. Who knows who I’ll be by the end of this course. All I know is,  I can’t wait, I can’t wait to feel that freedom to be me. That freedom to smile at anytime, to anyone, cause you know you can, and no one can stop you. AND, TO FEEL THE FREEDOM TO LOVE AND ENJOY LIFE EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT TO. And that simple freedom to breath in life, liberation, joy and abundance.